After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 5

Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 are also available in my Gnomoria AAR, The Alive Scorpion.

So, I’ve found out that whenever you cut down a tree you get a clipping. I know that I’m going to need some coal if I am going to start making weapons and armor (and tools, too, I guess), and to make coal you need trees (not quite true, you can find it underground, but I’ve not found very much yet). With that in mind, I have designated a forest near the entrance to my cave. I would say that my gnomes spend a disproportionate amount of time planting it, but wood is the most valuable resource in the game at this point and I don’t want to run out of it any time soon. My gnomes dispatch an unarmed goblin that attacks our door without me realizing it until I see its corpse laying there. Well, glad it’s gone in any case.

My farm has come along nicely as well, and I have crops of wheat and cotton ready to be picked. Despite my early protestations that I must conserve my tree resources for future gnomes, I also go ahead and clear-cut huge swaths of forest. It will be fine, I tell myself, because we are replanting all of the clippings, and closer than they ever were before. I have found quite a lot of metal now, probably a few dozen copper after finding a decent vein down about 8 floors. It runs out and I decide to drill down further, making sure my two miners stay constantly occupied with seeing how deep we can get into the earth. 

Despite gaining 12 gnomes just a few days before, The Alive Scorpion soon has quarters ready for all of the new gnomes. You may recall that I had previously dug rooms out in the case that I had new residents, a move which pays off. It does take some time to get the beds together (especially once I realize that I must have turned off any of my previous gnomes making cloth so that the beds can be made), but it’s not a terrible wait for all of my new gnomes to have beds, doors, and their own personal space. Things are looking up for The Alive Scorpion and its denizens. Seriously, I have a lot of food and drinks, a good farm coming in, a nice forest planted near the entrance of the gnomehill, and enough metal that I should at least be able to make enough bars to do my initial construction, if not outfit an army.

If you learn nothing else from reading this blog, learn from my mistakes and manage your containers correctly. Stockpiles without containers are worthless. You can go into the menu by right clicking on a stockpile and limiting the number of containers on it. Don’t even build a stockpile until you have however many containers you want on it. Trust me on this. Okay, back to our regular programming. Construction moves swiftly in caves and it is not long before my gnomes have a Stone Carver (which makes trinkets to make gnomes happier, I would recommend building this later than I have), a tailor (which lets you build bags to store cotton and the like and bandages to help bleeding gnomes), as well as a furnace to turn logs into coal (I also find out that my fear of running out of lumber may be slightly unfounded, as there are somewhere near 1,000 logs laying around the area around The Alive Scorpion). Our digging efforts slow around -13, as the walls are now made entirely of rock. I’ve not had much luck finding additional metal deposits, but I’m not all that worred at this time (it turns out I have 86 ore and 22 coal, substantially more than I initially believed). Now I just need some bars, since they are required to making the Blacksmith (which makes pick axes for digging and felling axes for chopping), Armorsmith, and Weaponsmith. I only need 30 bars, which means I will need about eight more coal to get it done. No big deal, since I have a furnace and several hundred or so lumber.

I’m about to log off, feeling good about my night’s work and thinking that I can always get everything built next time when I see the message that Fas has died. I assume he has done something idiotic like fail to eat or drink but I go to the scene anyway. It is here that I see the area around Fas is covered in blood. I watch, wondering if anyone will survive, as the goblin quickly dispatches three more gnomes and the game informs me it has been named ‘Mroalnack the Creaving Creepiness,’ a name that will forever live in the lore of The Alive Scorpion. Mroalnack has a sword and this makes him an unstoppable juggernaut. His killspree goes all the way up to six before one of my brave gnomes manages to take the goblin down. But at what cost? We may have recently gained 12 gnomes, but we have now lost half that number to a single goblin with a sword. The time to obtain weaponry is now (and I probably should have had a couple of fighters before I built a great hall, honestly). As the scene closes for the day, it is a dire one, the bodies of helpless gnomes splayed about the landscape. We may have lost friends, but we will not make the same mistake again.

A small part of the carnage left by Mroalnack.

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27. June 2012 by Michael
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