After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are also available in my Gnomoria AAR, The Alive Scorpion.

Well, I start out where we finished last time, trying to find metal. The truth is that I have not played a whole lot of Gnomoria and so this process goes much less smoothly than it could. I start by continuing to dig, although I am only at -3 at the time. I didn’t know what level metal could start being found (the Gnomoria Wiki suggests it starts at -5, but it has higher concentrations lower). So I spend a lot of time building rooms and whatnot at levels that I don’t have much of a chance to do what I want.

Everyone clearing out the distillery stockpile.

I also go ahead and send a lot of gnomes out to forage apples. I have a lot more apples than strawberries at this point, so I set my distillery to make apple wine on repeat. However, the gnome in charge of brewing stops almost as soon as he starts and I am thoroughly confused. Well, it turns out that a crafting station can only hold 20 completed items. Beyond that, you will need a stockpile in order for gnomes to haul away the completed goods and let your crafter make more. Instead, I am befuddled for a good while messing with priorities in whatnot, but I eventually raise the priority of the ‘drinks’ stockpile to 1 for a moment to make all of my gnomes concentrate on that and clear out the distillery. Before I know it, I have hundreds of drinks and my colony’s food and drink supply is looking pretty good. Luckily, I made a few barrels a while back, which each hold 64 units of wine. If I could go back in time and change something about how I have played this game, it would be concentrating early on (after I get my dorms built) on making crates and barrels and making more purposeful stockpiles. Honestly, having large enough stockpiles is one of the biggest ways to keep your colony running smoothly (mine runs in fits and starts as something breaks down and I mess with priorities and stuff to get it working again) is to have enough stockpile room and the only way to do that is to use crates and barrels to store things efficiently. Well, a lesson well learned.


As we continue our dig down, I find a lot of sapphires. This is nice, but (for now) I am still not sure why my carpenter appears to be completing not working (Hint: I ran out of planks, so I had to cut down a ton of trees and set someone to the sawmill working full time). Sapphires are all good and well, but I don’t think the denizens of The Alive Scorpion are quite ready to need gems just yet, so I leave them laying in the depths and continue to search for metal. I also dig out some new dorms so that all I need to do is add some beds and doors if I get new gnomes. Still, the carpenter isn’t working at this point because of the aforementioned failure to obtain planks, so the dorms are presently just dug out rooms. Good to have them, I guess.

Digging lots of dorms so I’m ready in the case of new
gnomes deciding to move in.

I also realize that if you make a farm that the gnomes will automatically tend to it. You don’t need to tell them to forage or to plant or whatever. They will just run the farm (so long as the priority is right) which is just awesome for helping to get your colony running more efficiently. I also, in a fit of frustration, just move the camera deep into the depths of the world and see that you can occasionally see pockets of the world below and – lo – I see some metal down around -13. Awesome! Now, at least, I have a goal. After digging a few more levels down (Actually to about -8) I start hitting some pretty good patches of metal. The game then informs me that I have gained 12 new gnomes, which is pretty daunting. I decide that I will probably need to do some pretty hefty realignment to make sure everyone has a job and that the work is assigned in an efficient manner, so I call it quits for the night. It took a while, but I finally made some headway. I’m still hoping that I can make some weapons and armor before the first invasion comes. We may now have 21 gnomes, but we have one set of weapons/armor (it came with us at the start) and I fear for the massacre that would occur. 

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25. June 2012 by Michael
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