After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 3

Part One and Part Two are also available in my series of Gnomoria AARs.

When we last left our intrepid gnomes, the denizens of The Alive Scorpion had managed to build enough dorms, complete with beds and dorms to house all of the current residents (nine gnomes). I decide that I need some storage solutions, so I have my carpenter make 10 crates and I also instruct my builder gnomes to make a kitchen. Still, there’s not a whole lot of work going on because my gnomes seem to have declared a city-wide holiday in favor of actually sleeping in their new beds.

I would say that it warms my heart to see them all so comfortable, but they aren’t accomplishing anything right now. Honestly, I thought gnomes were supposed to be industrious. I suppose that if I had been living on the floor of a cave for the last week and was sudden given a bed I would probably immediately crash in it, too. In any case, it is not too long before the kitchen is complete. It is at this time that I realize that there is nothing I can do with it. Honestly, if you are playing Gnomoria, don’t mess with the kitchen at all until you have a wheat harvest in, at which time you can worry about making bread. It’s fine, in any case, because we still have quite a lot of apples, but I would have liked to have gotten some food production underway. No worries, my farms are all seeded, but I have no idea how long things take to grow in. No use to worry, it’s time to do some expeditions to see if we can find some metal so that we can make tools and start worrying about arming a militia so we can defend ourselves from goblin attacks once we build a great room (I’m pretty sure you can be attacked – and attract new gnomes – by constructing a dining hall and designating it a great room).

I dig one floor down and designate a large area to try to see if I can find a metal vein. This turns out to be a mistake because the whole floor is made of stone. I let my gnomes keep at it, in any case, because they need to build up their mining skills and we also still need a ready supply of stone. Still, it’s going to push my plans for metal equipment off for a while. While those gnomes are off mining sandstone, I decide to build a wood carver. What does a wood carver do, you ask? Well, they build trinkets. Statues, statuettes, and puzzle boxes. I assume that a puzzle box belongs to an individual gnome and makes them happier, so I decide to build a couple of wood statues instead to put in the dining hall I am constructing so that my gnomes have a place to gather. Still, if it is eventually going to be a great hall, I want it to look nice and official. 

I have some trouble getting my gnomes to concentrate on the right things and I am learning that much of the game is monitoring the priority you set things at in Gnomoria. The default priority is five, so if you want your wood worker to make planks if that is assigned, set it to priority one, then carpentry to priority 2, then wood carving to priority 3. That way, everything should be higher priority than hauling, and the gnome will move from task to task, completing them in priority order. I will say that it appears that if a gnome is in the middle of hauling and you change the priority of another task, the gnome will not stop hauling until it takes a break (like to sleep or eat) to re-evaluate its priorities. In that case, you may need to turn off hauling for a moment so that the gnome reconsiders how it is using its life and gets on doing more important tasks.

The end result is… Well, it’s pretty ugly, honestly. I don’t make my dining hall into a great hall yet (I am ill-prepared for an attack until I find some metal to make some weapons and armor), but my gnomes seem pretty happy about the whole thing. I will also say that I think that the statues are pretty darned nice looking, even if my floor is all covered in dirt (something that I know that Robotronic is taking a look into).

Now that we have a dining hall, I am going to concentrate extra hard on getting my gnomes some metal so that we can be equipped for the future. I also realized that I need to go ahead and plant an apple orchard to give us some additional food sources in the future in the expectation of future growth. I also hope to figure out how ranching works. Check it out next time!

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22. June 2012 by Michael
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