After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 2

After my last session playing Gnomoria from Robotronic Games I was trying to get a stonecutter built so that I could get the blocks necessary to construct a carpenter and a loom. Luckily, I have plenty of stone available from my expedition on the second floor and a gnome producing a bunch of planks over at my sawmill. I put the stonecutter down next to my sawmill and, before too long, a gnome comes along and outs all of the necessary supplies in it, giving the fine gnomes of The Alive Scorpion the ability to create blocks from any rock they find.

I go ahead and follow the same pattern that I did with the sawmill previously and set the stonecutter to make 20 blocks, thinking this will give me enough for a little while. Once I get a few blocks made, I go ahead and start the construction of both the loom (which will allow my gnomes to turn raw cotton into cloth) and a carpenter (which will let me make a barrel for my distillery as well as beds, doors, and other furniture). During this process I learn that gnomes are also thieves. Seriously.

When you construct something in Gnomoria you put down the outline of the thing where ever you want it built. A gnome can then come along and retrive the requisite materials and set them on that spot until it contains all of the necessary building materials. Well, this process does not necessarily reserve the items that are set down for the building of that thing, so when a gnome takes a block and puts it down on the space for the loom, if that gnome goes to sleep, another gnome will come along, take the block from the loom, and put it in the carpentry station, which is also being built. This results in a rather silly dance as the two gnomes fight over supplies. It didn’t turn out to be a big deal, but I do think it slowed down construction a little bit.

Nonetheless, the carpentry station and the loom are both completed despite the best attempts of the gnome building the other one and I set one gnome to making as much cloth as he can and the other to making nine beds and nine doors so that all of my gnomes can have personal rooms. The beds require the cloth that is being made over on the loom and I  will also need a ton of planks for this endeavor, so I set my sawmill gnome to making planks on repeat for the time being. I then remember that I need a barrel (for my distillery, so we can make wine and not re-live the awful dying of thirst thing from my first playthrough) and add that to the bottom of the queue as well. It takes a little time, but eventually I have nine beds (one for each of my gnomes) and a door on every doorway, allowing my gnomes a chance to rest somewhere other than just fitfully falling asleep where ever they are standing. This should seriously improve morale around The Alive Scorpion and we may be able to look into expanding once we secure a steady supply of wine so that the gnomes we already have don’t die of thirst.

Next on The Alive Scorpion: The gnomes of the small town learn how to farm, get to sleep in their beds, pick some apples, and build a kitchen.

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20. June 2012 by Michael
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