After Action Report: Crusaders II Game of Thrones Mod, Balon’s Conquest, Part 6

When we last left Balon Greyjoy he was lying on his deathbed after deciding to take a mistress. As always, if you have not been following along you can always read the previous parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, Part 5. After some fretting (especially if you read Part 1 and see that my first try ended in Littlefinger dying of a fever immediately after starting the game), thankfully, Lord Balon pulls through his fever.

Balon survives a second bought with sickness, letting him continue his
quest to expand his empire or – at least – his demesne. 

 However, Balon only survived to see the end of the war that he started with Tywin Lannister over Banefort. Despite being 20 percent victorious in the war, Balon’s forces are almost completely depleted. I have requested all of my vassals forces, my vassals are now angry because I have had their forces held for too long, and I have a measley 189 forces fighting over 12,000 Lannister forces. I have built up a small amount of money again, but the 115 gold that I have managed to get would only be enough to get one small mercenary unit. I would do just as well to throw the gold at the Lannisters for all the harm it would do them. I decide to offer a White Peace, which means that I get out of this war without little but a loss of gold and Prestige.

Lord Balon’s troops are badly outnumbered after seizing control of Banefort. Less than
 200 Ironborn troops face off against more than 12,000 Lannisters. The fight ends poorly for Greyjoy.

The second I unpause the game, my 189 forces are immediately wiped out, reducing my advantage in the war to 11 percent from 20 percent. Nonetheless, I feel some small bit of happiness knowing that I gave better than I got, even if my small holding turned out to be insufficient to hold back the Lannister horde. I decide, then, to do what I should have initially and turn my attention inward to my own vassals to see what I can add to my demesne. I institute a small vassal levy, which is really quite unpopular, and decide to try to add one of my wealthier vassal’s land to my demesne, giving me a much larger share of the taxes and allowing me to levy more troops. I start a plot to create a false claim against one of my own lands.

The claim is successful! However, just a few moments later, I get the dreaded message that Lord Balon has fallen ill again and his titles passed to his son, who I have never been very fond of for some reason. I think it’s the look on his face. As such, this is where Lord Balon’s story ends: An abject failure. Unable to increase the size of his demesne, Lord Balon will be best remembered for the brief war he waged against the Lannisters, sacrificing tens of thousands of lives over Banefort, a tiny, insignificant province on the western coast of Westeros. It is not a glorious ending but, in the Game of Thrones, few are.

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15. June 2012 by Michael
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