After Action Report: Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones Mod – Lord Balon’s Conquest, Part 5

Well, as you know if you’ve been reading my After Action Report for the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 are all available) then you know that Lord Balon I of the Iron Isles has lot of problems right now. He is currently invading Banefort for which he has a forged claim, where his army has one a couple of battles after suffering serious losses besieging the city (where they were struck by disease) and, after he took the city, his army’s camp was immediately hit by raiders. All of this when his only goal is to increase the size of his demesne (the land he directly holds). There are large numbers of Lannister troops mobilized against Balon as he tries to bring in troops to back up his existing troops. Nonetheless, Balon has other things on his mind.

Yep, Balon thinks his wife (who is in here early 30’s) is getting a little old. So, what Balon Greyjoy decides is that he needs a mistress. His wife won’t know if he’s discrete about it and – in any case – he is destined to rule all of Westeros. As you might guess, she does find out and she gets a little angry with me, but nothing else happens right now. Well, I guess she’s allowed her feelings. Still, let’s not forget that we are fighting a war here and while Balon’s happiness is important, it doesn’t matter if we don’t manage to make our move to the mainland.

As we check in on the battle, which Balon had previously been winning decisively, we see that even though the Iron Isles have managed to scrape together a small group of additional soldiers to fortify his existing troops, the invasion force is in deep trouble. Already outnumbered by about 200 troops, I can no longer call any troops from my isles, since all of my vassals have given me every troop they have. If the existing troops don’t hold out, this will end only with me losing face over this stupid piece of rock. I check to see if Lord Tywin is willing to surrender (he’s not) and then I get a pop up. What’s this?

Ah crap. 

Tune in next time to see if Balon dies the same bed-ridden death that took down Petyr Baelish before him or if he can pull through. Can the Greyjoy troops hold out in Banefort? Find out next time!

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13. June 2012 by Michael
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