After Action Report: Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones Mod, A Storm of Feasts?

If you are interested in my previous adventures with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusaders II, part one and part two of the series are also available.

When we last left Lord Balon I, king of the Iron Isles, I had assassinated Quenten, Lord of Banefort, which – according to the game “died choking on his blood, not knowing the name of his killer.” Being that I lack any coherent strategy for the long-term, I decide to also look into expanding into the mainland of Westeros by marrying off one of my sons (preferably my heir) to the daughter of an eligible Lord who has a daughter set to inherit his kingdom which then would pass to my line after they have children. A survey of the lands of Westeros, however, reveals (from what I could find) only one major lord with a daughter in such a position.

 As you can see, however, Doran I of Dorne does not think too much of me. In fact, his opinion of me is -64 which, as you might gather, is not good. I go ahead and send a couple of advisers down to meet with him anyway in hopes of swaying him to my side but it appears that much of his dislike of me is that I am an infidel and rude, things which I don’t know of any way to fix. He also “desires a better alliance.” What? Running the smallest kingdom in the known world isn’t good enough for him? Screw that guy, then. I’ve got better ways to climb my way into the Iron Throne. Maybe I’ll come back once I’ve taken over some of the main land. However, my plans are interrupted when Mad King Aerys, who has already rid himself of Robert’s Rebellion (yep, Westeros is at piece under Targaryen rule now in this timeline), decides to name me ‘Cupbearer’, which is flattering, I think, and also to invite me to a feast.

Since I have no desire to upset the King at this very moment, I decide that attending the feast is probably my best move. I have no idea what that will entail, but I make my way to King’s Landing, while considering what it will be like to tour my future home. A raven also arrives and informs me that Winter Is Coming. Yep, that is actually a thing that happens. It tells me to prepare, but I have no idea what that would entail, so I go to the feast instead.

I immediately see my ‘mortal enemy’, I guess? Lord Commander Gerold and I, apparently, have some history and don’t much like each other. I decide to challenge Gerold to a duel, although it occurs to me only afterwards that this likely could have resulted in an immediately end to my rather short game. However, I manage to survive my duel with Gerold and glad-hand with the King for a little bit, gaining some favor from him. He promptly dies at age 42, ‘a maimed cripple.’ Yes, again, that is exactly what I was told happened. So, whatever hope I had to gain something from that feast turns to naught, although I got to have a duel at least. Still, I was hoping to curry favor for my invasion of Banefort, which will come as soon as my council has managed to forge my claim to the land. Which is coming next time! 

If you are interested in playing along, Crusader Kings II is presently on sale on Steam for $19.99. Just thought I would pass that along.

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08. June 2012 by Michael
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