After Action Report: Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones Mod, Part 2

After the untimely death of Little Finger in my first entry into my actual play series regarding the Game of Thrones mod for Crusaders II, I decided to give it a try with someone that has a few vassals and might have a better chance at achieving his dreams than young Lord Baelish (sickness not withstanding).

I decide to go with Balon Greyjoy who runs that tiny chain of islands off to the southwest of Westeros on the map you can see above. He has a handful of vassals, but really can’t raise a very large army given the small size of his kingdom. Also, I find out when I load up the game (and true to the books), everyone hates him. This is going to make my task extremely difficult, I expect. Nonetheless, I set out with Lord Balon to see what the Game of Thrones holds for me.

I decide my first step (after ordering a Maester from the North who I hope does some good in preventing illness after my previous sudden failure. I have no idea if this is related, but it makes me feel better) will be to determine what my goal will be for Lord Balon. I decide that he wants to increase the size of his demesne (his own personal land, not run by his vassals). If you directly control a piece of land you raise more armies and collect more taxes from it, which is a nice bump when your land is as small as Balon’s. Despite my current goal, I decide to try and take Banefort, which is the small coastal land directly to my southeast directly from the dreaded Lannisters. I have no idea why I decide to do this, but I do. Why take land that is already paying me when I can take a piece of land from someone else.

I begin my aggression against Banefort by trying to assassinate its current ruler – Lord Quenten. Why? I mean, look at that guy. Plus he happens to run the closest piece of land and I want to take it from him. Well, from his successor. I see, and you can too if you look at the previous picture, that I have a 48 percent chance to take Quenten out and a 15 percent chance of being discovered and having my (stellar?) reputation ruined. Fine, I don’t intend to take the Iron Throne by making friends anyway, so I send my assassins after Quenten and they are successful in . . . removing him . . . from his position.

Next up: I try my luck at wooing the Dornish people of the south part of Westeros in my attempt to marry into their family and eventually take it over.

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06. June 2012 by Michael
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