Some TV, Movie, Comic Book, and Board Game News and Notes

Okay, I admit that this top bit is not news, but it is certainly worth your time. You know, if you have taste (I kid, I kid, I don’t respect you any less as a person if you don’t watch Community. Because no one watched Community. Except me.) Watching the cast of Community in 16 bit form is… Well, it’s magical. Anyway, on to other actual kinda news. [Found on Kotaku]

MTV Geek has lots of news regarding the upcoming season of Adult Swim. Of particular note is the return of The Boondocks for Season 4 and the launch of Black Dynamite, based on the Michael Jai White film of the same name. MTV Geek also has a nice preview of The Guild: Fawkes one shot issue, which comes out May 23. Also: That cover is pretty sweet.

Fantasy Flight Games has released the rules for its new release of the old classic Fortress America (originally released in 1986 according to Boardgamegeek) Honestly, it looks like a pretty light 24 pages, although I am not familiar with the rules to the original game, so I can’t say what has been changed.

In a final bit of news, not only is Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For real, but it has a date. October 4, 2013, according to Cinemablend. Which really isn’t that bad if you consider the wait for it so far. Which has been long

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