Plaid Hat Games releases new details on Mice and Mystics, Pre-order Information @plaidhatgames

Plaid Hat Games, publishers of the marvelous Summoner Wars (one of my favorite strategy games of all time and sure to see a lot more play with the upcoming iOS app designed by Playdek) and Dungeon Run, announced a new game called Mice and Mystics back in April, but the initial announcement was pretty short on details. However, Plaid Hat Games has released a far more complete look at what the game will entail. While the rules are not available yet, the page indicates that the game will be very the younger crowd (7+), will support 1-4 players (Most of the time? Apparently it will sometimes support 1-6) and is a storytelling adventure game. The cooperative game will apparently allow players to amass cheese to complete harder tasks later in the game. The game is designed by Jerry Hawthorne, who worked extensively on Heroscape and Battleship Galaxies, both of which were also worked on by Plaid Hat Games’ owner Colby Dauch. The art is fantastic, and the mouse figures included with the game are just fantastic.  The game will retail for $74.95, but is available with two promo cards and 33% off directly from Plaid Hat Games, so I would definitely recommend ordering it directly if you are interested. And I am.

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13. May 2012 by Michael
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