My Third Day in DayZ: The Finale #dayz

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Well, I’m not nearly done playing DayZ, but I am almost done telling you about it. As always, our story starts on a beach with a pistol. I decide that this time I will see what I can find to the west, so I make a left turn and start running. It isn’t too long before I see a crane and a few buildings off in the distance. Hoping to find some supplies, I decide to head that way.

I follow the coast without much incident and actually become a little paranoid when there are no zombies randomly wandering by me. You just get used to it after a while. Still, I finally get to the construction site (or whatever it is), but I find it to be empty. And then I see a building with a door and I am filled with elation. You see, most of the buildings in DayZ (as a function of the map that it is based on) are not actually accessible. I haven’t played nearly enough to have where the buildings that actually have interiors are, so I’m always excited to go into a building that I can go inside because that is, typically, where you find supplies (unless you are a bandit, in which case you find them on the bodies of your foes). In any case, I head inside the building and find…

Nothing. Not a single thing. A little deflated, I head towards the city that lies just in the distance past the facility I am in. I am sure that there will be something there, but cities in DayZ can be dangerous places, and I wish that  I was a little better prepared. I decide to head up the hills and into the forest so that I can approach the city from the side, hoping to avoid the aim of any bandits that may be watching the main road into the town (and believe me they do). I descend into the city without incident and do actually manage to find some supplies, but my bag doesn’t hold much more than what I started with. I get an extra bandage (which I will almost always take over ammo) and a book of matches (which can be used to start fires, obviously) and head on my merry way. My mistake, however, is I get impatient and I head along my way too fast. I don’t see any zombies in the immediate vicinity, so I decide I will run out of town. This, however, starts my end.

The end begins, as it often does, with a single harbinger: one, lonely crawling zombie coming up the hill at me. I manage to take it down easily. I finally find a building with a few supplies in it, but there is nothing I particularly need. A bolt without a crossbow and a few flares make up the small stack of supplies that I leave alone. I decide it is time to head out of town, feeling that I’ve probably got everything that I can from this town for the time being. I look around outside the building and don’t see any zombies, so I make a run for the edge of the town, feeling particularly impatient (which is really the ultimate killer in DayZ). I get attacked by a few zombies on my way out of town, but don’t sustain anything more than a few scratches. I head down the road and, although I don’t see any zombies, I end up running away from a train of about four zombies. I try to find a hill and, failing that, end up making a stand on the beach. I do pretty well for myself and take limited damage while taking them all down.

If you saw that picture, you would think I did pretty well. And I thought so, too. However, it was just a few seconds later when several more zombies came rambling around the corner. I manage to hold off a few of them, but there are too many of them and I am overwhelmed, eventually.  There is no helping it, really. In DayZ, life is fleeting and your defeat is inevitable, but that is part of the charm. I could probably spend months regaling you with stories of my adventures in DayZ. The game is being patched frequently, so I’m sure it will be worth revisiting in a few months.

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25. May 2012 by Michael
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