Movie News: Indie Game: the Movie on Steam, Mads Mikkelsen in Thor 2 and Ashley Hamilton in Iron Man 3?,

My favorite movie news right now is that Indie Game: The Movie, which is a documentary about several independent game designers (the trailer is embedded above), will be available through Steam and is presently available for pre-order for $8.99 (one dollar below the normal pre-order price and $6 below the regular price).   The film is also available directly from the makers for $9.99. I am both excited to see the movie and I am also pretty excited to see Steam used as a movie distribution platform for independent films, which I think it would be great at. I would love to see that movement gain some traction. Steam sales on indie movies would be amazing. You hear me Valve? Get on it! Indie Game: The Movie releases on June 12, 2012.

In other movie-type news, Variety is reporting that Ashley Hamilton (who I have never heard of) is in talks with Marvel to play Firepower in sure-fire blockbuster Iron Man 3. Firepower is, from what I can tell (I’ve never heard of him), a pretty bland Iron Man villain in a gigantic robotic suit. Look for him to be quickly dispatched by Iron Man in route to his real faceoff with Sir Ben Kingsley as (possibly) The Mandarin.

Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Valhalla Rising) is also in talks with Marvel for a movie role. In Mikkelsen’s case, it is reportedly a place as a villain in Thor 2, although his role has not been confirmed. CinemaBlend seems to think Mikkelsen playing Executioner is unlikely for lack of size, but people – especially in Hollywood – are very capable of bulking up, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they went that way.

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25. May 2012 by Michael
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