Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: The Supplements So Far #MarvelRPG

While this information may already be available out in the wild, I have not seen a good list of the upcoming products for Margaret Weis Productions’ Marvel Heroic Roleplaying so I decided to put the information that I know into blog form. As previously blogged, we know that an Event Book is coming out detailing Marvel’s Civil War Event. The information provided in this post came partially from listings on Amazon. In any case, I would encourage you to order directly from MWP once pre-orders are available on any of these products.

With all that said, it appears that there will be at least three Supplement books to go along with the Civil War Event (which, according to Cam Banks, the designer of the game, will include MODOK, Dr. Doom, Titanium Man, and Norman Osborn) if listings are to be believed (and I have no reason not to at this time):

50 States Initiative will include a roster of members of the Initiative (presumably the pro-Registration members, which is a pretty extensive list) during the Civil War Event. It will also, according to Banks, will include the members of Nextwave! Delicious! Sadly, Fin Fang Foom and Broccoli Men are not yet confirmed.

Young Avengers/Runaways will, presumably, cover the Young Avengers and Runways. I’m especially excited to get the Runaways, since that book was probably my favorite Marvel ongoing during its initial run.

X-Men will, obviously, cover the X-men at the time of the Civil War Event. A quick glance over at the Wikipedia page indicates we can probably expect Domino, Shatterstar, Caliban, Bishop, Archangel, Beast, and Iceman out of the deal. Of course that’s just speculation on my part.

In his previous blog, Banks also confirmed that the other two Events for this year will be Annihilation and Age of Apocalypse (both of which were on my list of Events I wanted to see, so bully for them). It appears that, like Civil War before it, Annihilation will be released in both standard form and with the Operations Manual (rulebook) built in. I assume Age of Apocalypse will be released in that format, as well. It looks like the Supplements will retail for $19.99 and the Event Books will continue to be $19.99 for the standard version and $29.99 for the version including the rules.

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