Making a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event: Like Clockwork, Part 4 #MarvelRPG

Well, loyal readers, we are final to designing the third and penultimate Act of Like Clockwork, which is my exercise in trying to design an Event for Margaret Weis Productions’ Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game. What’s that? You didn’t read the first three posts in this column? Fine, I will reward your procrastination and inattention with links:

Part 1 – Covers the general outline of the Event as I try to figure out where I’m going.

Part 2 – Covers what villains and Scenes we will use in Act 1.

Part 3 – Covers what villains and Scenes we will use in Act 2.

All caught up? Good. At the end of Act 2, the Heroes have stopped Domino and the Six Pack from obtaining the Siege Perilous and have likely turned the it over the SHIELD, at their insistence. Still, as I have noted, while the Mad Thinker would have liked to have obtained the previous two artifacts, he is really after a shard of the M’Kraan crystal. SHIELD informs the heroes that they have identified the gem on display at a local museum as the next target of the Thinker and requests that the heroes guard it, as there are numerous attacks going on all over the world that are wearing SHIELD’s resources thin.

Presumably the heroes agree because they are, you know, heroes and head out to the museum after getting a Transition Scene to do whatever it is they need to do (make Resources and whatnot). The first fight is against Klaw and The Absorbing Man, who attack the museum straight on. Klaw will stand back and try to keep his distance from the heroes and using his sonic emitter to cause havoc with the environment while The Absorbing Man takes the brunt of the punishment.

Once the heroes have defeated Klaw and Absorbing Man, they get a Transition Scene to prepare if the Watcher did not purchase away the Transition. Either way, the alarms begin going off inside the museum, but – once inside – the heroes find themselves in the realm of Mysterio. Mysterio will continue to assault the heroes with Mental and Emotional damage until they are able to locate him or they force him to appear by dealing d10 Emotion or Mental damage to him, making him so angry that he reveals himself. Still, once he appears, Mysterio has Puma with him for support and will make duplicates of himself to make it harder to hit him and continue to try and distract the heroes from Puma’s assault.

Given the toll of the previous two fights, I have decided to do away with the option to create an additional Action Scene for Act 3. I feel like, as the final Act, I want to get to the final fight in a reasonable amount of time and that creating an additional barrier will only slow that process down. With that said, the final opponent blasts through the wall to assault the heroes: The Mad Thinker’s Awesome Android 2.0. That’s right, the last opponent is the same as the first, only this time he is an entirely new design (substantially upgraded from the first model the Heroes fought) and even more powerful if the Thinker managed to obtain the first two relics. If he did, the Android upgraded himself with short range teleportation from the Siege Perilous and a much improved energy blast from the Evil Eye of Avalon. You may need to toss in am A.I.M. squad or two to balance the fight a little, but I plan to stat the Android up as pretty tough as well. Once the Heroes are victorious over the Android, then they have thwarted the Mad Thinker’s plan. Of course, how do you stop a villain that can cause such problems from a cell on The Raft?

Next time we will work on statting up the villains that we used. Finally, we will look at bringing it all together in a nice, playable format.

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