Making a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event: Like Clockwork, Part 3

At the end of our last entry of Making a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event, we had design the first act of “Like Clockwork”, our event where the Mad Thinker has set up a gauntlet of challenges for our heroes in order to weaken them prior to making a move to get a large chunk of the M’Kraan Crystal. At the end of Act 1, our heroes have either succeeded in stopping the Thinker from obtaining the Evil Eye of Avalon by thwarting MODOK or MODOK has gotten away and delivered the Eye to the Mad Thinker’s proxy. Either way, it is time for Act 2, in which our heroes will by trying to stop the Thinker from obtaining the Siege Perilous, in its form as a large, gold-framed jewel.

Give the heroes a transition scene to start Act 2 where they get a chance to figure out what they know from the first act and try to figure out what the Mad Thinker is going to do next. The Doom Pool keeps the same level as it had at the end of the first Act. I like this to show the Mad Thinker’s ever-building plan. The Watcher is given the option to purchase away one of the two transition scenes by default by spending 1d8 (In the initial post, I allowed for both scenes to be removed. I decided to leave this option for Act 3, where things are a little more intense for pacing purposes). If the scene is removed, it is the one between the Second and Third Action Scenes. Further, The Watcher may create a new Action Scene by spending 1d12 to create an Action Scene with no Transition (There was another option here initially, too, but it was removed to help make the added scene make sense). Eventually, the heroes should determine that Domino has reformed the Six Pack (picked from the various rosters for our purposes as Domino, Grizzly, Constrictor, Anaconda, Solo, and Deadpool and returning to their mercenary roots). While the Six Pack are after the Siege Perilous, they are aware of the heroes and several of them have been dispatched to stop the heroes from reaching the facility where it is stored.

Once the heroes leave their Transition Scene area, they are – en route to where the Siege Perilous is stored – attacked by Constrictor and Anaconda (throw in an A.I.M. squad or two if needed to balance the fight out). Constrictor and Anaconda will fight until they are removed and have no interest in capturing the heroes. If they do manage to take the heroes out, they will likely leave them for dead, feeling that their job is done. The heroes get a Transition Scene here and are then left to continue on their way to the Siege Perilous. The heroes, upon their arrival, are ambushed by Solo and Grizzly, who are hiding and trying to get the drop on the heroes. Once that scene is done, if you purchased the extra Action Scene, Deadpool immediately attacks the heroes, hoping to take advantage of the fact that they are now severely depleted after the fight with Solo and Grizzly. Deadpool will retreat if he takes d10 Stress in any area, and will gladly explain that is why he is retreating.

If you bought away the Transition, then Domino (along with any of the other Six Pack members – sans Deadpool who must be purchased by the Watcher – who defeated the heroes in their encounter) will bust out of the facility in a jet, leaving the heroes with no choice but to chase her immediately. If the Transition was not purchased away, then the heroes will be left to go inside and find her at their leisure. At the end, the heroes will either have the Siege Perilous or Domino has escaped with it, delivering it to the Thinker. SHIELD shows up (a little late) to retrieve the Siege Perilous and thank the heroes for their assistance.

I’m still mulling over Unlockables for this Act, honestly, but I figure it will have something to do with SHIELD, maybe letting the heroes have a SHIELD squad accompany them for 1d8 of the Black Widow for 1d10 in the first Action Scene of Act 3. I’ll be honest when I say that Unlockables are the part of Event making that I am struggling with the most so far, but I think it’s just because I’m over-thinking it and feel like I have a hard time making it unique.

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22. May 2012 by Michael
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