DayZ, Day 2: Trying to Survive in DayZ’s Zombie Apocalypse

The first installment in my DayZ can be found here and I also recently posted a True Beginner’s Guide for those having trouble getting into the game. 

When we last left our intrepid hero (which is totally what I call myself in my in-head narration at all times) I had bled to death after getting attacked while being out of bandages. I have not been very good at scavenging to this point and have largely just barreled forward with no regard to trying to find additional supplies or where I am going. As you know if you read the previous entry, this has not done me any good.
As I begin my new quest, as always, on the beach, I immediately see another player badly bleeding being chased by somewhere around 10 zombies, which is easily the most I have seen in one place at this point. I mean I literally see this. He runs towards me either in some attempt to get help (I don’t have many bullets and he has a lot of zombies, so I don’t do that) or in hopes that the zombies will get me instead of them (regrettably for him, they prefer bleeding targets). I run away from him as fast as possible, although I do manage to get a picture of this ridiculous procession.
I assume he dies in this manner. I consider trying to wait out the zombies and take whatever stuff this guy has, but it occurs to me that they would likely turn on me once they finish him, so I make my way off into the woods. I run through the woods for what feels like forever. I have no idea how long it actually was, but I feel like I may never get to a road again. I come across a farm, but I decide to pass it up since my last few experiences with settled areas have not been positive. I continue through the woods and – eventually – come across a second farm after stepping over a zombie crawling harmlessly across the ground. I resist the urge to put it out of its misery and continue towards the farm. As I head to the farm, I am attacked by another zombie, which I accidentally get to close to even though I try to make my way around (it does not help that I have not learned to crouch – x – or go prone – z – at this point). I manage to put that one down without injury, but I am immediately attacked by two more. I stay calm, keep backing up, line up my shots, and put each one down with a single shot. I feel like a freakin’ ninja in this moment, as I stand victoriously over my attackers. 
As I make my way around the wilderness, I decide to make it my roll in life to see how many zombies I can rid this world of, filled with the righteousness of my recent victory. I manage to kill nine more (bringing my total to 12) without much incident, and I begin to feel like I may actually be doing pretty well at this game. I end up back by the water. I am walking happily down the beach, feeling the power of protecting the weak from the zombie scourge when I am attacked and seriously wounded. 
I still have the bandage that I started the game with, so I am able to stop the bleeding, but I have lost almost half of my blood and I am in generally bad condition, although I manage to fight off a few more zombies. I decide it is time to head to the large town I saw earlier, thinking that my best chance of continued survival likely depends on finding some improved supplies. I head to the town but, as I approach the town I hear a gunshot and my screen goes blurry. Someone is shooting at me. I am badly shaken at this moment and try to make a run for it since I am unable to see my assailant. As I hobble down the road, I am soon overcome with blood loss. Below is the last thing I see.
I assuming someone took whatever stuff I had and continued living their kingly Bandit life. I hate them. Still, this is by far my most successful run so far, having managed to bring down 16 zombies. It is at this moment that I consider it would be awesome if DayZ kept some sort of statistics (top ten longest lives, most zombies killed, most survivors killed, most bandits killed, most bandages used, etc) but considering it is available for free as a mod, it is pretty impressive as it is. Also, I lasted substantially longer than the average life of 27 minutes presently posted on DayZ’s official Web site, so there is some reward in that. Still, I am convinced that I can take what I learned on this playthrough and improve notably on my next playthrough. We’ll see. 
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23. May 2012 by Michael
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