Apparently, people keep buying ArmA II to play DayZ #dayz

ArmA II is a pretty hardcore military simulation game. Or that is what it was until the folks over at DayZ came along. DayZ is, apparently, the zombie game that everyone wanted but no one was making and it is a mod for ArmA II. I first heard of DayZ about five days ago when RockPaperShotgun started running a series on playing the mod (Part 1 and Part 2 currently available and are definitely recommended reading). It looks fantastic and made me consider buying ArmA II just to play the thing (and I may yet, especially if there is a Steam sale on it at some point in the near future). I love emergent gameplay. You know, where how you play the game is arguably more important that the game itself (See: Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress) and DayZ looks filled with emergent possibilities. The whole world is real players, who are unpredictable. That person you’ve been travelling with and learned to trust? Maybe they shoot you in the back to get your food when things get bad. You never know and it is exciting in a way even the best scripted games can’t be.

Well, apparently I am not the only person that feels this way. Kotaku has reported that sales of the game on Steam have increased almost five times over since before DayZ was released. That’s pretty incredible and it shows that in today’s world even the Internet is filled with emergent experiences. I bet the ArmA devs never thought for a second that their game’s greatest success would be because someone turned it into the maybe the best zombie game ever. Pretty heady stuff.

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16. May 2012 by Michael
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