Telepath Tactics Released, The Secret of Cats: Animals and Threats expands the Fate Core world, Cataldo – The Beast

Telepath Tactics Released

I’ve had my eyes on Telepath Tactics from game designer and IndieRPGs site runner Craig Stern for quite a while, and I’m excited to see it has finally been released on Steam and GOG (regularly $14.99, currently $13.49). The game, which comes with a single-player game as well as a level creator that allows you to create your own campaigns (as well as local multiplayer), certain wears its Fire Emblem inspiration on its sleeve. Telepath Tactics promises 23 different characters classes, 110 different attacks, destructible terrain, and an aggressive AI.

The Secret of Cats: Animals and Threats

As a backer of the FATE Worlds Patreon, The Secret of Cats was one of my favorite things to come out of it. Mind you, I’ve not actually gotten it to the table, but the idea of an RPG where you play cats defending mankind (and catkind, I guess) against threats. Now, Richard Bellingham has released a new supplement for The Secret of Cats called Animals and Threats. As you might guess, it contains Animals and Threats to add to your Secret of Cats game. It’s pay what you want over on DriveThruRPG (as is the original supplement) and contains additional sapient animals including dogs, spiders and evil cats as well as more traditional monsters like ghosts and is 36 pages long.

Cataldo – The Beast

I’m including the entire Bandcamp embed below for Cataldo’s Gilded Oldies, but I am including it specifically so you can listen to The Beast (track 6). Be warned that there is some swearing in there.


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16. April 2015 by Michael
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Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn Pre-Order Available, Humble Origin Bundle, Convoy Release Date Announced

Ashes: Rise of the Phonixborn

I’ve made no secret in the past that I am a huge fan of Plaid Hat Games, generally. I actually just got my copy of Specter Ops (I always want to spell it ‘Spectre” for some reason. Which is wrong.) in the mail, and already I’m giving them even more money. This time it is for their expandable card game Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. While I love ECGs (or LCGs or whatever) that bring something really unique to the genre (Android: Netrunner and Doomtown: Reloaded both come to mind), Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (which is now available for pre-order from Plaid Hat) appears to be similar cloth to the king of the CCGs, Magic: The Gathering, although it certainly brings its own unique twists, like using dice pools to generate energy for cards and players alternating taking an action (instead of taking their whole turn). Most exciting for me, however, is the promise of being able to do a two player (or more) draft right out of the box. I have – in the past – bought ECGs without anyone to play them with, which means you have to build decks for everyone. I really love the idea of being able to have that be part of the game. As always with Plaid Hat, the production looks great.

Humble Origin Bundle

Man, I know some people have whatever against Origin, but if you are generally okay with it as a distribution platform and you missed out on some EA games over the past several years, the Humble Origin Bundle is worth a look. The base, pay what you want, price includes Dragon Age: Origins, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest and Command and Conquer Generals. By paying over the average (currently $4.67) you also get Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3, and Mass Effect 2. I think pretty highly about Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (which is a surprisingly competent and easy to get into class based shooter). All of the games unlock on Origin and several unlock on Steam as well.

Convoy Coming April 21

Convoy was on Kickstarter late last year, and will now be releasing on April 21. I remember thinking that it looked pretty rad back when it was first announced, and I’m still thoroughly intrigued now. Instead of a convoy of big rigs, however, you are captaining a convoy of upgradable combat vehicles and encountering random events as you go. Being a rogue-like-like, your death in convoy is permanent and it also promises tactical combat. You can get more about Convoy over on the official web site.

Waxahatchee – Under a Rock

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14. April 2015 by Michael
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Lankhmar City of Thieves for Savage Worlds releases next week, Chroma Squad coming April 30, METZ – Spit You Out

Lankhmar City of Thieves for Savage Worlds releases next week

Lankhmar is the setting of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser written by Fritz Leiber. It is also, as of next week, going to be a new supplement for Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s new Savage Worlds supplement Lankhmar City of Thieves. The book (which releases in PDF next week with a print release to follow) will contain setting information about Lankhmar itself, as well as information regarding the denizens of the city (including the aforementioned Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). If you said that you can’t wait for more information and you’d love to see write-ups of those characters, well, you are in luck because PEG, Inc., has released the write-ups and has a link to the PDF over on the announcement of next week’s release. Lankhmar City of Thieves will be followed by Savage Foes of Nehwon (a book of the bad guys and monsters of Leiber’s world) and Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild (a series of adventures to be played individually or as a Plot Point campaign).

Chroma Squad Releases on April 30

I backed Chroma Squad on Kickstarter in 2013, but I did not back at a level that allowed me access to any sort of early access to the game. And so it is that I have never played a single moment of Chroma Squad, but that does not mean that I am any less excited about it. The game, which – as I understand it – is both a sim (insofar as you cast and direct several seasons of a Sentai-style TV show) as well as a turn-based strategy game looks super rad and I really look forward to finally getting to play it in about three weeks.

METZ – Spit You Out


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09. April 2015 by Michael
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